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On a mission to eliminate cup waste

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What Hiccup is

Hiccup is a cup service serving the race community in the United States. We provide 8 oz. silicone cups as an alternative to single use cups that are used at aid stations provided for runners at races. Our mission is to eliminate cup waste.

The service of Hiccup provides dropping off, picking up and washing cups to use at the next race that goes green!


Hiccup also provides for businesses in the Tampa Bay area! Hiccup drops off the cups to your business, picks them up as frequently as your business subscribes, and replenishes your supply. We are a hassle free way to go green. 

How it works at a race

Hiccup works the same way an aid station at a race currently operates. We drop off the same amount of cups that are used for each aid station, pick up the cups as soon as the race course permits and transport the cups back to our facility to get washed, packed and ready to be drank from at their next race.

We try to make it as easy as possible for the race team on race day to provide our cups to runners.

Example: If your race has 500 runner and 3 aid stations, Hiccup would bring 1500 cups and distribute the cups to each station for use. We try to provide the same experience many runners already have at other race. 


Did you know...?

If an individual uses one disposable cup every day for a year, that it produces 23 pounds of waste?

That wax on your paper cup is polyethylene lining and that eliminates your cup from being recycled, thus ending up in the landfill.

Half a trillion disposable cups are produced around the world annually? That comes out to 70 cups for every person on the planet a year!

Disposable paper cups contain 5% polyurethane plastic, making composting and recycling of disposable cups extremely rare

Americans throw away 25 billion styrofoam cups every year, which are unable to be recycled in most recycle facilities.

In Action



Races Hiccup has served

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FTC Marathon and 1/2: Gainesville, FL

Kent City Ridge Run: Kent City, MI

Clearwater Running Festival Marathon and Ultra (Mile 13): Clearwater, FL

Croom Zoom 75K, 50K & 25K:  Lakeland, FL

Howl at the Moon 5K: North Port, FL

Downtown Dash 5K: Stuart, FL

 4 Mile Pier Run: St. Petersburg, FL

Hot Summer Nights 8K: Englewood, FL

Run the South Half Marathon, 10K & 5K: Charlotte, NC

NoDa 5K: Charlotte, NC

Around The Crown 10K: Charlotte, NC

2nd Annual Labor Day 5K: Orlando, FL

Holland Haven Marathon, Half Marathon & 8K: Holland, MI

Envirorace 5K: Venice, FL

Women Run the D Half Marathon (2 aid stations): Detroit, MI

Betsie's Trail Half Marathon: Thomsonville, MI


I'm Kristina. The idea of Hiccup came to me after running a marathon (California International Marathon) in December of 2019. I ran the marathon, flew home the next day and had a 5 hour flight back to Florida. While drinking coffee the next day, I realized I used 6 plastic cups for both coffee and water on the plane the day before. Then, I thought about my marathon I ran and how many cups I used during the 26.2 mile haul. I did some quick math for both the marathon and plane ride cups and multiplied that by the amount of other runners and passengers and realized there is a LOT of waste being generated in a short period of time. Hence, my product! And my service. And my commitment to eliminating cup waste as much as we can.

727-310-4922    hiccupearth@gmail.com

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